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Administrative Boundaries

Quickly and easily identify which Council and Local Authority are responsible for planning strategies in your project’s area.

Where is the information sourced from?

Our wide-ranging Administrative Boundaries data is sourced from the trusted Ordnance Survey.

How soon will I receive my data and what will it include?

Your customised data will be delivered to your inbox in a range of digital formats, and within just 3 hours of placing your order.

You will benefit from Boundaries data from Local Authorities, County Councils and Greater London Authority and Parish and Community Boundaries.

Your personalised data can be effortlessly related to roads, towns or other features when overlaid on small scale mapping.

By clearly recognising the location of administrative boundaries and which constituency a site falls into, you can clearly identify which Local Authority and Council are responsible for planning strategies in that area, so you can swiftly progress with the planning of your project.

Who is this data for?

A complete data solution for the environmental and property professional seeking to further the development of their site through identifying the correct Local Authorities and Councils responsible for planning strategies in the area.

Why choose this data?

Allows you to painlessly relate boundary information to roads, towns or other features when overlaid on small scale mapping. Our colour-coded qualities enable you to easily identify different boundaries and areas relating to your specific project.

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