Russian Military & KGB Maps

What did the Russians ever do for us?

The spine-chilling fact is that they did more than you think. Every Soviet leader from Stalin to Gorbachev knew not only where you lived but how to get there by tank. For over 50 years, before, during and after the Cold War, the Soviet military undertook the most comprehensive global survey ever attempted and created detailed, accurate maps of practically every country in the world, including the UK.

Satellite images, high altitude aerial reconnaissance and spies on the ground were used to collect all possible information which was sent back to 50,000 cartographers in Moscow. The maps were scanned and geo-referenced to the National Grid so that they can be overlaid with current mapping. And now for the first time, these unique UK maps have been added to Landmark's historical digital archive, which is already the UK's largest, most comprehensive and accurate.

Visit for the detailed history of the Soviet mapping of Great Britain by expert John Davies

Don't miss the Russian Maps coming in from the cold:

  • Maps cover 103 UK towns and cities from 1950 to 1997 - Coverage Map
  • Captured at 1:5,000, 1:10,000 and 1:25,000 scales
  • The maps reveal features not present on Ordnance Survey maps
  • The maps identify c1,000 new potentially contaminative features and c3,000 other named uses, including extra quarries, pits, military features, warehouses and much more

Where did Landmark get the Russian Maps from?

With the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the rush withdrawal of the Russian Military from the Baltic states, thousands of paper maps covering the whole world were found in abandoned train carriages in Latvia and Estonia. To this day, no one knows if the Russians left them behind by accident or whether locals on the ground diverted the trains.

Local companies in Latvia and Estonia have been selling the maps ever since. Landmark purchased them from a US based company.

But you won't have to hide in alleyways and remember secret codenames to get your hands on our maps.
Simply login to - the KGB need never know you have them.


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