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Receive a fast, flexible and efficient online service to cater for all your digital mapping and data needs with our Envirocheck Export service, delivered straight to your inbox in a range of formats for use in your own GIS and CAD systems.

Envirocheck Export provides an ideal solution if you use GIS systems and work in large-scale planning and development, environmental impact assessments, hydrological modeling and master planning. Ultimately, you can have complete confidence that you will be provided with the exact information you require for a successful project.

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Digital Mapping

A digital mapping solution ranging in scale between 1:1,250 (MasterMap) and 1:50,000 scale (Town Mapping)

Digital Surface Model & Digital Terrain Model

A clearly defined picture of the features on the surface of the land.

Current Aerial Photography

A representation of your site with our Current Aerial Photography.

Historical Aerial Photographs

Effortlessly detect features which may not be identifiable on a map.

Environmental Constraints

Identify areas which may impact your property development project.

Flood Data

Access extensive flood data to clearly identify potential flood risks from rivers, seas and groundwater.

Administrative Boundaries

Identify the authorities responsible for planning in your project’s area.

Height Data Contours

Helping you to visualise the physical landscape of Great Britain with our comprehensive height data.

Green Belt Constraints

Screen your site to ensure it does not breach any environmental or planning laws.

Historical Maps

Historical maps dating back to the 1800s enable you to actively track the development of your site over time.

Land Use Constraints

Vital information for planning, allowing you to understand any restrictions to your developing site.

Local Development Plans

Detailed information you need on the intended use for parcels of land.

Planning Applications

An extensive archive of large, small and minor planning applications following 1997.

Points of Interest

From tourist attractions and businesses to public buildings, retail outlets and leisure facilities.

Geology Maps

Highlighting vital information to be considered during environmental site assessments...

Code-point® with Polygons

Data outlines the boundaries of postcodes in Great Britain.