Digital Mapping

A current and highly accurate digital mapping solution ranging in scale between 1:1,250 (MasterMap) and 1:50,000 scale (Town Mapping)

Where is the information sourced from?

Our comprehensive Digital Mapping data is sourced from the Ordnance Survey and UK Map.

How soon will I receive my data and what will it include?

Your detailed mapping data will be delivered to your inbox in a range of digital formats, and within just 3 hours of placing your order.

OS MasterMap® is available, this is a seamless large-scale vector layer containing almost half a billion point, line and polygon features from the build and natural landscape of Great Britain.

As well as OS MasterMap®, your all-inclusive digital mapping solution, covering the entire UK, will include OS VectorMap Local®, OS 25k Explorer Mapping®, OS 1:50,000 Colour Raster Mapping®, UKMap®, and the UKMap® 3D Data Bundle.

The UKMap® 3D Data Bundle includes the 1:1000 UKMap® Detail mapping layer, it also combines LiDAR derived height data to extrude buildings to their appropriate heights creating a basic building block 3D model.

Who is this data for?

Complete digital mapping solutions for those in need of a fully licensed tool designed for commercial use, from planning and development to environmental assessments and hydrological modelling.

Why choose this data?

Choose from a wide variety of mapping options to best suit you and significantly improve the presentation of your desk studies and place your site in full context on current mapping documentation.

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