Green Belt Constraints

A recognised and intelligent data solution, enabling you to screen your site to ensure it does not breach any environmental or planning laws.

Where is the information sourced from?

As Landmark is the only company who licenses Green Belt data for commercial business use, you can rest assured knowing your data has been acquired from a credible and trusted source.

How soon will I receive my data and what will it include?

Your personalised data will be delivered to your inbox in a range of formats, and within 3 hours of placing your order.

The Greenbelt Constraints Data theme is derived from land use constraints contained within the local development plans and/or development plan documents.

With your Green Belt Constraints data you will be able to quickly identify the unrestricted stretches of built-up areas, and the zones of surrounding countryside which are safeguarded against further development.

Areas of Green Belt are defined by Landmark as 'adopted' if they are sourced from adopted local plans, and 'unadopted' if they are sourced from deposit plans.

Who is this data for?

Detailed data for the environmental and property professional seeking to screen sites and ensure they do not contravene any environmental or planning laws.

Why choose this data?

You will gain exclusive access and save time by accessing Landmark’s unique archive of Green Belt Constraints data to screen your site in the most quick and efficient manner.

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