Historical Aerial Photographs

Effortlessly detect features which may not be identifiable on a map, such as WWII bomb damage, potentially unexploded bombs or potentially contaminative features.

Where is the information sourced from?

Our detailed Historical Aerial Photographs are sourced from the prestigious British Library, Bluesky and Landmark’s own abundant archive.

How soon will I receive my data and what will it include?

Your personalised data will be delivered to your inbox in a range of digital formats, and within just 5 days of placing your order.

Dependant on coverage, you will receive your Historical Aerial Photographs as a customary feature when you order Historical Maps in report format. Alternatively you can also order as a standalone product in digital format through Envirocheck Export.

These are RAF Historical Aerial Photographs produced by the Ordnance Survey from Royal Air Force Photography, which visibly represents 'Post War gap fillers.' This supplies you with critical missing information between 1944 and 1951 when standard Ordnance Survey maps were not yet produced.

In addition, Bluesky Historical Aerial Photographs are also exclusively available to you. This is a unique archive of over one million historical aerial images dating from 1917 to 2004.

Who is this data for?

If you’re investigating site history, historical land use or identifying contaminated land, this data will provide significant support for the overall progress and development of your site.

Why choose this data?

Fully utilise this extraordinary data to achieve the full historical picture of how your site has developed over time, to be used in a range of functions for example successfully identifying potentially contaminated land.

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