Brand new Envirocheck Analysis functionality!

In our most recent and exciting release, Envirocheck Analysis now includes a host of new features and functionality. Envirocheck Analysis is our unique digital platform that saves you time and effort when undertaking environmental site assessments, allowing you to overlay historical mapping and filter and review environmental data faster and more accurately than ever before.

So what’s new?

Google Street ViewTM

Another layer of information is now available at your fingertips – Google Street ViewTM has been added to Envirocheck Analysis. Discover your site without even leaving your desk.

Height Data

EA LiDAR and OS Contour data layers help you to more confidently build your Conceptual Site Model. Visualise height data to quickly link potential sources of contamination with pathways and receptors.

Tables Tool

Instantly extract customised tables of dataset information, straight into your client report. Work smarter by using the distance filters to only display the data you deem important.


Try it out for free

Not only is Envirocheck Analysis free to order until January 1st 2016,but you can also try out the brand new online demo. Try it out here.


Don’t forget ECA has gone mobile…

Use the Envirocheck Analysis mobile app on-site to review all of your desk study information plus capture and geo-locate new photos, notes, videos and voice recordings. Transfer this data back to the office at the click of a button >Watch Video


The app is available to download for free for iOS and Android.


Don’t forget we’re offer both the Desktop app and the Mobile app free until January 2016. Access all Apps!