How can Envirocheck help me build conceptual site models for large areas?

Building up a clear picture of the site and the associated risks in a format that you can easily share with end users has always been hard when working on larger sites.

To ensure this essential element of your contaminated land assessment highlights all possible connections between identified contaminant sources, pathways and receptors as easily as possible for larger sites, Envirocheck has launched the capability for building conceptual site models for areas of up to 100 hectares.

This can save hours of due diligence while allowing you to accurately:

  • Uncover key sources of contamination
  • Identify pathways of contamination
  • Investigate potential receptors


Build up a clear, all-inclusive conceptual site model for large areas

Traditionally, with large sites, you would have to look at all the maps for each part of the site separately. You might have had to order two or more map packs to ensure you had everything you needed, before scrolling through each year for every section of the site to make sure you caught every possible source of contamination.

Before Envirocheck developed the capability for environmental consultants to collate the information about a site, you would have to invest hours marking each point and matching them all up. Now, because you can create a complete site history in one place, in one view, this problem is eradicated.


Save billable hours while increasing the quality of your due diligence

You can uncover and assess key conceptual site model components like:

  • Anthropogenic activity
  • Ground environment
  • Permits
  • Land, Water, Human activity grouping of data


As all the information is on one map, you can “roam” across the entire area, adding in notes as you uncover facts from historic maps, and building a complete, working history of the site.


Produce tables of data:

As well as the mapped area, you can also download tables of data to round out your report and highlight sources and receptors. With Envirocheck you also have the ability to add in a table with industrial land uses which will highlight additional contaminants, such as waste.

You can also add tables into your reports that give information around distance, features, and whether the contaminant is active or inactive.


Measuring tool:

Accurately work out distances to the nearest receptors such as residential gardens, parks and schools. Further make use of this tool by overlapping historical maps with the current one to show where to find these features when visiting the site.

This tool can also help you draw up a 2D conceptual model, as you can see both historical land uses and geological maps.

With this data layering available for sites up to 100 hectares, you can now provide accurate, high-quality reports for larger and more profitable projects.


Download a sample report and see for yourself how your data could be organised and presented.

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