How can environmental consultants filter data findings easily when creating reports for large sites?

Envirocheck Analysis is now available for use on larger sites up to 100 hectares in size.  

We have launched a new user case series to showcase the unparalleled ease, accuracy and efficiency gains environmental consultants can enjoy when analysing environmental data and organising it for presentations.

In this scenario, an environmental consultant is using Envirocheck Analysis to produce a clear and acurate investigation of environmental risk on an old landfill site for an important client.


Environmental consultants need to produce clear and thorough assessments regarding environmental risk for their client. To support their assessment, they need clear data overviews that they can drop into their report templates for key insights on large sites.

By using Envirocheck Analysis they’ve been able to research an old landfill site, assess the data and historical mapping and develop the conceptual models to support their findings. However, they’re just getting started.

They need to produce a clear site commentary and recommendation as part of the report templates to convey the next steps for this site.

Clearly summarising environmental data can be difficult and the larger the site, the more data there is to process and present. However, instead of spending a morning manipulating spreadsheets, they’ve just downloaded a CSV with the key data assets they’ve been working on.

They can use the Tables Tool to produce a spreadsheet of key data attributes because it makes data management much easier. Utilising filters, they can focus on the most appropriate data points. It’s much easier to review the key potential sources of contamination, alongside potential pathways and receptors. The Export Tool produces a spreadsheet summary of all the features they’ve added to the map. Key for this project is the potential contaminants identified from the historical map review.

For this site history, they’ve filtered by distance so they can assess the most appropriate data points that provide a clear and logical context for their recommendations.?

Nothing drags at the tail end of a piece of research like the endless copy and paste of information into various spreadsheets. The Tables and Export tools ensure environmental consultants capture the data they need in a format simple for their team to review. Not only does this save them literally hours of manual data customisation, but it also helps them produce an error-free, highly professional and relevant report for their clients.


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