Landmark speaks at recent Environment Analyst Virtual Brownfield Summit

Thursday 28th May 2020


Environment Analyst's #BrownfieldSummit2020 drew to a conclusion yesterday. This years’ event featured expert speakers within the realms of Ground Gas, Groundwater and Data Collection & Analysis, spread over the course of 6 days, and speaking to an audience of over 1,000 attendees.

In the Data Collection & Analysis stream, Piers Edgell from Landmark Information, spoke of the challenges presented by the exponential growth of data.  How if not effectively managed and structured, this data can become burdensome.  But if properly structured and packaged with its end user in mind, then this data can present massive opportunities.  Landmark’s unique Envirocheck Analysis data and map layering tool was demonstrated as one such example of how greater efficiency and accuracy can be garnered by consultants writing their phase 1 reports.

The presentation then looked at a couple of other recent examples of how Landmark Information has employed new technologies to better present curated data to a target audience.  Creating new intelligence through the use of compounded data sets and specialist modelling, and supporting government and their better handing of data, as the UK becomes ever more data-centric.

In conclusion, there is so much that could be improved in terms of how our industry views and works with data.  Because of its capabilities, experience, and influence, Landmark Information is uniquely positioned to be able to deliver upon this.  It is however incumbent upon the industry to work with us in achieving this and to set the goals high, thus ensuring the best possible outcomes.

You can view the resources that Landmark added for the event here.