New Detailed Surface Water Flood data available

The Environment Agency recently released figures on the reasons for objections given against planning applications, based on flood risk, in 2014. The most common reason (around 50%) for objections were due to an Unsatisfactory Flood Risk Assessment or Flood Consequence Assessment. As well as this around 10% of objections were due to unsatisfactory information on surface water.

In light of this, Envirocheck is proud to announce two new developments to our Flood Screening report.


New Surface Water Flood Data

The Environment Agency and NRW Surface Water Flood data including depth, velocity, flow direction and hazard rating is now available with the Envirocheck Flood Screening report.

All of the above datasets are reported for 3 return periods; 30 year, 100 year and 1000 year. Find out more…

Envirocheck Analysis

The Envirocheck Flood Screening report is also now available to view with Envirocheck Analysis for the first time. You can now visualise the report online for unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Analyse flooding data from a range of sources, including the new surface water flooding data unique to Envirocheck.

The Flood Screening report has been meticulously designed to effectively support the environmental professional conducting Flood Risk Assessments, It contains all the data you’ll need to provide an accurate and reliable interpretation of the potential flooding risks for any selected site.


To find out more about this report & download a sample click here. Or to discover more about the revolutionary Envirocheck Analysis click here.