New mobile app digitises Site Walkovers

  • The brand new Envirocheck Analysis mobile app for iOS and Android fully digitises Site Walkovers.
  • Landmark revolutionises Phase 1 environmental assessments with Envirocheck Analysis mobile app
  • New mobile app for Apple and Android devices enables full digitisation of Phase 1 environmental site assessments
  • Remote access to current maps, aerial photography and potential environmental risks now available whilst conducting a physical site walkover
  • Geo-locating technology can pinpoint specific site features and take accurate measurements
  • Synchronises information from site walkover back to the office, so no need to write- up notes

Landmark Information Group, the UK’s leading supplier of digital mapping, property and environmental risk information has launched the Envirocheck Analysis mobile app: a brand new mobile app for Apple and Android devices that enables environmental consultants and other land and property professionals to access digital mapping and environmental data whilst undertaking site walkovers for Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments.

Consultants can digitally analyse current and historical maps, aerial photography and environmental data on their PCs using Envirocheck Analysis, and now using the free-to-download mobile app they can view these complete workings (including mapping, photography, user-drawn features and environmental data analysis) whilst out onsite.

Using built-in GPS and geo-locating technology, precise measurements are also recorded by the app, providing accurate reporting of key site features. The ability to synchronise this new information back to Envirocheck Analysis in the office, including digital notes, photos and videos captured on the mobile app, removes the need to manually collate and type up notes and is a real time-saver.

One of the first clients to use the Envirocheck Analysis mobile app is Land Quality Management's Paul Nathanail, he comments: “In property transactions time is money. The Envirocheck Analysis mobile app represents a step-change in the way site walkover information is captured and transmitted back to the office. Interpretation and reporting can begin as soon as the visit is finished. Decisions can be made quicker; deals will happen and not be stalled.”

Mark Burnard, Senior Product Manager at Landmark Information Group, adds: “With Envirocheck Analysis and the new mobile app, we’re taking the environmental site assessment process from being a paper-based task to a fully digital process. The app provides users with mapping, data, information-capture tools and unsurpassable connectivity immediately at their fingertips. It digitises the entire data collection and analysis process for Phase 1 environmental site assessments, removing the need to manually write-up notes, measure site details or rekey data on returning to the office. Now, all site walkover notes are instantly ‘synced’ back to the Envirocheck Analysis desktop, streamlining the reporting process for all involved.”

Concludes Mark Burnard: “The launch of the Envirocheck Analysis mobile app is an important step forward in delivering a truly mobile environmental analysis solution. By having access to data, map layers and notes in one place, consultants can now complete a site walkover with just a smartphone in their hand. It’s a huge time-saver, delivers enhanced accuracy and ultimately will help provide time, cost and efficiency savings for both our current customers and new ones too.”

For more information on Envirocheck Analysis and the Envirocheck Analysis mobile app, visit, telephone 0844 844 9952 or email