Surface Water Flood data added to Envirocheck report and ECA!

The Environment Agency released a warning last Friday that heavy rain in the South and East of England will bring a risk of localised surface water flooding.

To ensure you are always aware of potential flooding risks that could affect a site, we have added Surface Water Flood data, from the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales, to our Envirocheck Site Sensitivity report. This nationally produced dataset indicates areas of potential surface water flooding as a result of local rainfall for the 3 return periods:

  • 1 in 30 year return
  • 1 in 100 year return
  • 1 in 1000 year return

Suitability data has also been added, providing an indication of the scale that the surface water data is applicable at based on the modelling at that location, helping you make the most informed decisions. The EA/NRW surface water data has been described as "the best available source of national information on surface water flooding. It is an excellent starting point for understanding patterns and probability of surface water flooding."

Not only is this data uniquely available in our market leading Site Sensitivity report but you can also view and analyse it in Envirocheck Analysis for unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Overlay the brand new surface water data with other Envirocheck reports to construct the full picture of issues affecting a site.


To find out more about this report & download a sample click here. Or to discover more about the revolutionary Envirocheck Analysis click here.

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