Consultants Coal Mining Report

A purpose-built mining report for Consultants with more comprehensive data and tailored guidance for additional data and services.


Where is the information sourced from?

This fast, accurate and site-specific report is supplied by the established Coal Authority.


How soon will I receive my report and what will it include?

Your report will be available to you within five working days of placing your order.


The Coal Authority holds and maintains the national coal mining database and they provide a fast, accurate, property-specific and cost-effective coal mining services for any property in England, Scotland and Wales.


The Consultants report contain more comprehensive coal seam depth and hazard data, alongside data regarding investigations and remedial activity for mine gas, mine water and subsidence.

This reports more data than that of the traditional CON29M reports support faster identification of potential issues.



Who is this report for?

This report was built for Environmental Consultants who are undertaking geotechnical due diligence. This report provides tailored guidance on additional data and services to support next steps. 


Why choose this report?

This report provides a greater area of data than the traditional CON29M report. This ensures that you are able to characterise the site and its surrounding area for a better risk assesment.


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