Envirocheck Report

The market leading Professional Envirocheck report is the first choice environmental reporting solution in England, Wales and Scotland. 

Where is the information sourced from?

All data provided within the Envirocheck report is sourced from reputable suppliers and is reviewed and maintained by our in house experts. This process means the Envirocheck report is crucial for any environmental site assessment.

How soon will I receive my report and what will it include?

With the Envirocheck Professional report you'll be able to begin analysing your order immediately through Envirocheck Analysis, with the PDF report delivered shortly thereafter.

The Professional Envirocheck report offers the most comprehensive supply of mapping and data available to give you complete confidence that you've reviewed all of the relevant sources of information possible. The Basic Envirocheck report provides the standard level of mapping and data.

The Envirocheck Professional report provides environmental data covering potential sources of contamination, previous industrial land use, flooding and sensitive land uses. All of the above and more enables you to accurately assess the potential risks that could affect a site.

Our unique online platform, Envirocheck Analysis, is included with both the Basic and Professional report, enabling you to review all available data and mappingat the click of a button for unparalleled levels of accuracy and detail.

Who is this report for?

If you’re a property and environmental professional conducting an environmental site assessment, this report is vital support for the development and success of your site.

Why choose this report?

With the most comprehensive archive in the UK, you can conduct your site analysis using our extensive mapping and data tools with complete clarity and peace of mind.

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