Environmental Impact Assessment

Constructed for property and environmental professionals, this report offers crucial support in identifying their project’s potential environmental impacts in England.


With our detailed Environmental Impact Assessment report you will be able to identify your project’s potential impacts on the surrounding environment prior to a planning decision, whilst employing our enhanced site-specific data.

How soon will I receive my report and what will it include?

When you request our electronic versions, your report will be delivered to your inbox in as little as 3 hours; hard copy orders are delivered within 48 hours of placing your order.

The datasheet with this report consists of the following data categories; ecology, heritage, water and hydrology and visual and landscape. It also contains the detail behind the features plotted on the maps provided.

Here’s what you can expect to receive with our Environmental Impact Assessment Report: A4 Context Maps consisting of data plotted on 1:50K CRM as well as a locality map (1:25K CRM). These are A4 Maps plotted at 1:50K scale.

You will also receive a set of A3 Maps which include a 1:2,500 scale site map, and 1:10,000 scale maps. The data sheet displays detail behind each Map ID, including compass direction, national grid reference and the estimated distance from the site.

Who is this report for?

This report provides the finest aid available for the property and environmental professional seeking to identify any possible environmental impacts of their project in England.

Why choose this report?

Gain valuable and in-depth insights to help you understand the potential environmental impacts of your site in support of your request for planning permission. Enabling you to save precious time and resource when collecting disparate data.

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