Flood Screening Report

A comprehensive reporting solution for the environmental and property professional conducting Flood Risk Assessments.

Where is the information sourced from?

Our extensive Flood Screening Report contains customised flooding information from several reputable sources, including the Environment Agency, Natural Resource Wales, JBA, ESI and the British Geological Survey.

How soon will I receive my report and what will it include?

When you request an electronic version, your report will be delivered to your inbox in as little as 3 hours. Hard copies ordered online before 12pm will be delivered by courier within just 24 hours, and hard copies ordered after 12pm will delivered within 48 hours.

Your report will consist of 17 x A3 1:10,000 maps, 4 x A4 1:50,000 maps and a datasheet displaying all information supplied.

Your key data sets will include EA/NRW RoFRS data, EA/NRW Historic Flood Events data, JBA Flood Hazard data including depths, JBA Canal Failure and Dam Break, ESI Groundwater Flooding Risk and BGS Groundwater Flooding Susceptibility and Geological Indicators of Flooding.

Landmark is the only commericial partner of the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales to provide their Surface Water Flood data in product, this includes depths, velocity, flow direction and hazard rating information.

Who is this report for?

Meticulously designed to effectively support the environmental professional conducting Level 1 Flood Risk Assessments, flood appraisals for Environmental Impact Assessments, insurers engaging in diligent claims management processes and planners.

Why choose this report?

Quickly and easily receive a comprehensive Flood Screening Report containing personalised data from multiple prestigious data sources, including datasets exclusive to Landmark and crafted to aid the progress of your site.

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