Geology Maps

An all-inclusive report essential for environment or property professionals involved in contaminated land appraisals and foundation designs.

Where is the information sourced from?

With 1:10,000 and 1:50,000 geological mapping available to you from the reputable British Geological Survey, you gain instant access to the information you require when you need it most.

How soon will I receive my report and what will it include?

An electronic version will be delivered to your inbox in as little as 3 hours.

Your detailed report will include a wide range of features covering an area of approximately 4.5km2 in area. Both the Geology 1:10,000 and Geology 1:50,000 reports consist of A3 maps that include the four geological layers, described opposite.

The report includes four site-centred maps outlining Artificial Ground and Landslip, Superficial Geology, Bedrock and Faults, and Combined ‘Surface Geology’ on 1:50,000 or 1:10,000, as well as A3 background mapping.

You will benefit from information exclusive to Landmark, comprising of a 1:50,000 geological coverage map (only when purchasing the 1:50,000 mapping), giving you the date range of the information presented in the report.

Who is this report for?

Explicitly designed for professionals involved in Phase 1 desk studies, contaminated land appraisal, environmental due diligence work and foundation design.

Why choose this report?

Our Geology Maps ensure you have the data available to grasp an advanced understanding of your site’s geology so you can swiftly progress to the next stage of your project.

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