Historical Map Report

This vast selection of historical maps dating back to the 1840s
enable you to actively track the development of your site over time.

Where is the information sourced from?

Gain exclusive access to the UK’s most extensive digital archive with over one million historical maps, covering England, Wales and Scotland.

How soon will I receive my data and what will it include?

With our Professional Historical Map report you'll be able to begin analysing your order immediately through Envirocheck Analysis, with the PDF report delivered shortly thereafter.

The complete Envirocheck Historical Maps facility is divided into two unique offerings, presenting you with the option to purchase a Basic or Professional version of the service to support any site assessment.

The Professional Historical Map report will comprise of County Series, National Grid Series, SIMs, SUSIs & Large-Scale National Grid Data (Superplans), Historical Town Plans, Historical Building Plans, Russian Military Mapping and Historical Aerial Photographs.

The Professional Historical Map report will provide you with unrivalled detail of past land use and with Envirocheck Analysis included as standard,  the Professional report ensures the highest quality reporting for use during desk studies

Who is this report for?

A flexible and valuable resource for all types of environmental site assessments.

Why choose this report?

The historical maps give a complete step-by-step picture of land use changes that have occurred between the 1840s and the present day. 

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