Mining and Ground Stability Report

A report providing crucial insight for the environmental or property professional, for establishing an accurate picture of ground stability issues with your site.

Where is the information sourced from?

Our extensive Mining and Ground Stability Report contains customised information from a number of reputable sources, including British Geological Survey, Subterranean Britannica Society and Fugro NPA.

How soon will I receive my report and what will it include?

An electronic version will be delivered to your inbox in as little as 3 hours.

This report includes data produced by the British Geological Survey (BGS) using the latest geological mapping information and interpretation by BGS geologists, covering potential stability hazards relating to Collapsible Ground, Compressible Ground, Ground Dissolution, Landslide, Running Sand and Shrinking or Swelling Clay.

Your customised report will provide thorough findings of the ground stability conditions on your site. You will benefit from detailed Mining and Natural Cavities Data highlighting features related to the existence of mining.

The report will also include Historical Land Use Information (1:2,500 and 1:10,000) plotting information from Landmark’s analysis of historical maps and includes shafts, pits, tunnel etc. A further addition to this report is Ground Stability Data (1:50,000).

Who is this report for?

If you’re a property professional seeking to establish an accurate image of ground stability issues within your site, this comprehensive report provides the necessary data to successfully support your project.

Why choose this report?

Gain instant access to critical, quality-controlled site-specific mining and ground stability data. Obtain unique datasets, MotionMap data, and gain in-depth knowledge of your site prior to a site visit.

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