Utilities Report

Created specifically for the environmental and property professional, this complete report exists to support your excavation, design or development project.

Where is the information sourced from?

All the information contained in our Utilities report is sourced from established utility providers.

How soon will I receive my report and what will it include?

Depending on your individual needs, you can choose from three different delivery options: Standard Service (20 working days), Premium Service (10 working days) and Express Service (5 working days).

To further improve your Utilities report you can now order the Digital Utilities Overview Plan with any of the delivery options available.

Your report will encompass a visual overview map of your search area, a status report showing a list of utility companies contacted, and utility company response plans where affected, or a response letter confirming where the location is not affected.

You can expect to receive detailed information about your specific site, outlining gas and oil pipelines, electricity cables, mains water supplies, telecommunication wires, sewers and fibre-optic cables.

Who is this report for?

If you’re an environmental or property professional, this comprehensive reporting solution provides a vital aid for your excavation, design or development project.

Why choose this report?

Provides valuable information to help you efficiently reduce the risks of expensive litigation if damage is caused, if the project design is delayed, if foundation costs are increased or there is added danger for the workforce involved; all for complete peace of mind.

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