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Environmental and Property Professionals.

Designed to effectively support your environmental site assessment, you can have complete confidence that you will be provided with the exact information you require for a successful project.

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Envirocheck Report

For property and environmental professionals conducting environmental site assessments.

Historical Map Report

Historical maps dating back to the 1840s enable you to actively track the development of your site over time.

Utilities Report

This complete report exists to support your excavation, design or development project.

Digital Utilities Overview Plan

For those involved in excavation, design or development projects.

Flood Screening Report

For environmental and property professionals conducting Flood Risk Assessments.

Mining and Ground Stability Report

Establish an accurate picture of ground stability issues with your site.

Consultants Coal Mining Report

For Consultants undertaking geotechnical or site history analysis.


Geology Maps

For professionals involved in contaminated land appraisals and foundation designs.

Non Residential Coal Report

For the purchase and/or development of property or land in coal mining affected areas.


Bomb Search – Detailed UXO Risk Assessment

A detailed reporting solution for the development of land in UK.

Historical Data Report

Quickly and easily establish the historical land use of your site with our detailed report.

Site Location Plans

Up-to-date mapping to improve the presentation of your environmental site assessment.

Soils Report

For Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA), Environmental Impact Assessments and...

Environmental Impact Assessment

Identify your project’s potential environmental impacts in England.

International Data Collection Services

Environmental information for a small number of non-UK locations.