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Find out what our customers have to say about us...

  • "We continue to use Landmark rather than other data providers as the level of customer service and attention to detail always exceeds our expectations. "
    Paul Nixon LLM MSc BSC CIWM, Head of Environmental Services, GVA
  • "Envirocheck provides a great depth of information and has become the industry standard. We use Envirocheck for all our environmental due diligence work to ensure that all bases are covered. "
    Tim Clare, Associate Director, WSP Group
  • "Envirocheck is the definitive source for environmental information and we rely on it for all our UK due diligence work. "
    Rupert Brown, Senior Consultant, ERM
  • "Envirocheck Analysis gives the team the opportunity to digitally overlay a huge amount of environmental information on top of maps, through the years, to really provide a clear and accurate picture on the site’s history. "
    Michael Brown, Business Development Manager, Geo-Environmental Services