Use Envirocheck Analysis to streamline your Phase 1 Desk Studies.

How does it work?

This top class app used in conjunction with the Envirocheck Report and EnvirocheckAnalysis, is specifically designed to seamlessly connect and streamline all your Phase 1 activities – from desktop review, to site walkover and back again.

Geo-locate notes, photos, videos and audio recordings while conducting your site walkovers, without the need for 3G or Wi-Fi. At just the click of a button, securely send information back into your Envirocheck Analysis desktop to be viewed alongside all your mapping (historical and current) and environmental data. Hold everything you need in one place to feed content directly into your client report.

What are the advantages?

Less time, less effort and greater accuracy.

No longer will you need to make notes on printed maps, type up your notes when you get back to the office or spend hours collating your site walkover information – Envirocheck Analysis does this for you.

No longer will you need a separate camera, notepad, dictaphone or laptop – this is all prepared for you in one easy-to-use app.

No longer will you need to download photos and try to work out exactly where you were standing and what direction you were facing – Envirocheck’s capture location and orientation feature stores every note you make.

Where do I start

Simply select the Envirocheck Analysis mobile app alongside you usual Envirocheck order to start discovering a whole new way of analysing and reporting data. The Envirocheck Analysis mobile app is available with any Envirocheck Analysis order enabling you to assess and analyse our extensive archive of Envirocheck historical maps and environmental data faster and more accurately than ever before.